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Benefits of Registering


Automatic Time Management Automatic Membership Management Slot Management, Rate Management Management of cash book and services you provide like Printing/ Scanning Option of Auto Restricting customer from going to X Websites

Shifting of Machine, Relogin, Merging of Time & Amount

Internal Communication, ordering option Security Restrictions on client  PCs like Hiding of Drives, restricting downloading files. Daily checking Transaction, Expense, Member Advances & Accounts Locking & Unlocking of the System & Last Shutdown Status if the power goes off

Cyber law support

No Franchisee Commission – No Setup Fee

SAVE Rs.18000 Per Year

Assuming you have 10 machines and charge Rs.20 Per Hour ( i.e 33 paise/per minute)

Assume 15 Minutes per day per pc goes Unbilled wherein the customer does not pay


10 Machines x 33 Paisa x 15 Unbilled Minutes x 30 Days = Rs.1500 Per Month x 12 = Rs. 18000 Per Year Thus you lose Rs.18000 every year on unbilled computer usage alone

Reasons for Unbilled Minutes

The customer asks you for extra 2-3 Minute to save files. The Employee does not write proper time The Customer Says I came at 3.05 PM and not at 3.00 PM – Disputes on the Login Time All this above leads to unbilled minutes. Where you don’t get paid

For more detail Call 9322356224/ 9322389146/ 9322729816/ 9322533057 022-28506749/1416 ,28563059/60 and Speak to Ms Rubina

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